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night in hotlanta finished

2008-04-23 18:28:33 by TotallySpies

it's finally done and released

the opus magnum of the SS

now we can finally leave NG behind in peace

Now for the story of my internet life:
I originally joined NG to leave a comment on some guy's metal songs in the audio portal. After that I spent a year of my life posting in nothing but the Metal Hell Crew, even making it to co-leader there. Via the UCFD (fuck you) I made it into the SS, where they appreciated my music writing skills, and they allowed me to make the dailytoon 400 soundtrack. It's been so many years. So many. I came here because I was jealous of someone making a simple song, now I'm here as a part of something grand, something magnificent. All I gotta say now is:

fuck newgrouds fuck you I'll never ever fucking come back

night in hotlanta finished

Dailytoon 400 music

2007-12-01 11:38:49 by TotallySpies

Well, I finally felt like I contributed something to the SS for the first time. I've been a member for years but only now f0d asked me to do the complete soundtrack, since he wanted a fully original score. I'm kinda proud of the way it turned out, but even more proud of f0d for adjusting some scenes to go perfectly with the timing of the music to increase its effect and feel.
As for the other artists: great job all of you. Bawwww.